When it comes to fire, prevention is always better than “cure”. Our mission at Pippa is to use our AI technology “To prevent as many fires as possible”. But what happen in the worst case scenario – and you do discover a fire?

It’s probably worth taking a couple of minutes to read and digest the following info* and if you can, why not take the time to discuss it with your family / others that you might be responsible for? It might just save their lives.

When it comes to household fires – the first thing to do is plan for it…


1. Get smoke alarms – and check that the batteries are working!

Tragically, on average, over 30 people die each year in the UK because their alarms weren’t working. (In the UK in 2018, 38% of battery operated smoke alarms did not sound during a fire. The biggest cause? Missing, flat or disconnected batteries).

2. Most fires start on the stove. So keep an eye on your cooking! Don’t be distracted.

This is where we believe the early alert system of the Pippa device will help to prevent many household fires.

But what if a fire does break out?


Plan for the possibility you could have a household fire (faulty electrics alone account for over 6,000 fires a year in the UK).

1. Plan escape routes (doors and windows) so you can get out – fast!
Make sure everyone in your household knows these – and where to find the door keys.

2. Do not try to put out a fire yourself.3. Phone 999 and ask for the fire service – and be ready to tell them where you live.

(* from https://www.fireservice.co.uk/safety/)

More information and PDF Leaflets are available here.

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