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Pippa Smart ai

Pippa Smart AI connects to your phone via Bluetooth and gives you live temperatures of all your pans. Set a desired cooking temperature and Pippa will tell you when the pan is at the right temperature, when to turn the heat up or down, and when your food is cooked.

Use the recipe mode for AI guidance to cook the perfect steak, golden pancakes and many other foods, just right, every time.

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Pippa AI Cooking App Display

Pippa displays the temperature of all your pans, telling you when they are the right temperature for each cooking type – shallow fry, saute, sear, deep fry, poach.

Pippa will keep an eye on your stove temperatures during and after cooking. If the stove is too high, the food is likely to burn, or Pippa detects a fire risk, Pippa will warn you.

Pippa will even check you’ve turned the stove off when you’ve finished.

How to get started

To get started with cooking using Pippa Smart AI device (after setting up the device), download our mobile app:

Step 1:
Open the "Recipes" tab

AI Cooking Recipes with Pippa

Step 2:
Select a Recipe

AI Cooking Recipe Suggestions

Step 3:
Select "Cook Using The Pippa App"

AI Cooking Guidance

Step 4:
Pippa will now speak, guiding you through the recipe instructions step by step.

Pippa will time everything and help you to set the right temperatures. Pippa gives spoken instructions and with your phone/tab/ipad you’ll be able to see information displayed throughout. Once your food is cooked Pippa will let you know it’s ready to eat.

No more burnt food!

Pippa will then tell you whether your pan is at the right temperature, when it is time to add the food, to turn it over or stir it, if it’s going to burn, and of course when it is cooked and ready to eat!

We are adding new recipes all the time. We’d recommend that you try a few so that you can learn how the system works and how easy it is to follow along.

1000 available for pre-ordering



Pippa is an amazing, intelligent cooking assistant. Pippa is the only device that provides exact pan temperature information, along with timing and even verbal instructions with the Pippa app. Want to cook the perfect medium rare steak? Pippa will guide you to the ideal temperature and even tell you when to turn it over, and when it is cooked.

Pippa is easy to use, engaging and will help you enjoy cooking to perfection!

Pippa Smart does not have audio and mobile phone warnings of cooking hazards. Want all the benefits of Pippa Smart PLUS cooking safety warnings? Please order PIPPA SAFE.


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Pippa uses an intelligent temperature sensor to detect cooking risks, alerting you before a dangerous situation occurs.
Pippa also has a Smart AI cooking assistant version that can help you cook recipes to perfection!

Smart Cooking App

Our app can connect your phone or tablet to Pippa over Bluetooth to help you cook your favourite recipes


Original price was: £159.99.Current price is: £139.99.