An unusual present idea – Pippa makes a perfect gift, and a thoughtful one too…

If you are looking for a present idea – something new, different, unusual and really very helpful – Pippa makes the perfect gift!

There are two great, and peculiarly different reasons Pippa makes such a good present idea in 2021.

SAFETY – Pippa makes you much safer in your home – Pippa really is such a thoughtful present idea.

Pippa is the single best gift you could buy someone to decrease their chances of having a housefire.
That must make Pippa the perfect gift for a new homebuyer!
Pippa also makes an ideal gift for someone over the age of 65 – who may have lived in the same house all their life.
But they are twice as likely to have a fire on their stove than any other age group. So your elderly parents might well appreciate Pippa.
In fact Pippa would be ideal for anyone who is starting to suffer from the early signs of dementia.
A major reason stoves catch fire is because householders are distracted – this happens all to easily to people with dementia.
And as for your son or daughter – when they move out for the first time.
Any chance that they could come home and get distracted from their cooking?
Or maybe they get in late from a party and put some food on to heat up…
And then there’s  the classic question – “What do you get the man who has everything?”
If you do know one of those lucky people, that seem to have everything, they won’t have a Pippa! It is, after all, a brand new invention.
Pippa makes a surprising, unique, technological cutting-edge present that does more than just fire safety…

Pippa is an amazing, revolutionary, interactive kitchen cooking assistant.

Whether you are looking for a present idea for a Masterchef, or simply someone who enjoys cooking,
Pippa is an intelligent, interactive cooking tool that will add to their culinary skills.
Synced with the Pippa app they will have temperature, timing and recipe information,
and a guide that will help them cook some of their best recipes ever – and hopefully you’ll be there to enjoy them too!
That’s an unusual present idea that’s a win-win.
If you really want to show you care – you don’t have to buy someone chocolates or flowers!
Why not buy them a Pippa? It might just be the most unusual Christmas present ever 🙂
It’s as easy to install as putting some roses in a vase – and it might just save their life.
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