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It is a story that happens to over 30 families every single day in the UK, and countless thousands more across the world.

Then you hear the smoke alarm and suddenly you realise that this time it’s not a false alarm.


You run back in to your kitchen and it looks like this.

Flames are licking the ceiling. It’s terrifying.

You’ve got to get yourself and everyone out of the house before they are overcome by smoke. Your home is destroyed. Everything.

If only something could have warned you before your stove caught fire. 

Now it can.

Meet Pippa. The most effective fire prevention system you can get.

There are 30,000 household fires a year in the UK. 48% of these start on the stove – and most of these could be prevented with Pippa.

In the USA there are over 170,000 cooking fires per year, 550 deaths and $1 billion in direct property damage, Fire departments respond to an average of 470 cooking fires per day.

Now you can do something about it.

Pippa warns you before the fire starts. Unlike a traditional smoke alarm which doesn’t go off until there is already a fire.

AI Cooking - Pippa Stove Overheating Fire Alarm

Still unsure? This is what a kitchen fire looks like by the time a conventional fire alarm goes off. In the video you can hear the alarm trigger at 01:37.

Half of all house fires start on the stove

Pippa is by far the most effective house fire prevention measure you can install

Benefits of installing Pippa for householders, landlords and insurance companies include:

what is pippa & what does pippa do?
"Fires on the stove cause as many house fires as everything else - smoking, dodgy electrics, faulty appliances, gas leaks etc - all added together! Pippa detects these fires - before they start!"


Pippa is an amazing, new, patented invention designed to prevent avoidable fires and provide peace of mind. 

Pippa is not a fire alarm that is triggered because there is a fire, it is an early warning system that tells you if your food is burning or an unattended stove is going to catch fire, before it catches fire.

Pippa uses a thermal imaging sensor and AI to actively monitor your cooking area, and spots dangers several minutes before there is a risk of a fire starting: leaving cooking unattended, overheating oil, pans boiling dry, and stoves not being turned off properly are all major causes of house fires.


Pippa then warns you of this risk, giving you time to attend to your cooking, before it causes a house fire.

And if something does start to catch fire on your stove top – a tea towel left on the stove or a food spill that catches fire, Pippa can alert you several minutes before a regular smoke alarm, giving you and your family valuable time to get out safely.

Pippa speaks to you to tell you of the danger. Often this is just a warning that your food is starting to burn, so you can simply turn the stove down before any damage is done.

The alarm can simply be cancelled by putting your hand or e.g. a spatula under Pippa for 3 seconds.

If you don’t respond for 30 seconds, of if a more serious fire has broken out, Pippa will trigger an alarm like a smoke alarm that can be heard around the house.

If you still don’t respond, or have left home, Pippa can phone and text you, or a friend, relative or carer to warn them of the danger. 



If you are out of hearing range, or don’t respond, Pippa sounds an alarm. If you still don’t respond or have left the house, Pippa then calls and texts your phone, and also the phones of any friends, relatives, neighbours or carers that you choose, to warn of the danger.

Pippa arrives ready to go, already paired with the phone number used when purchased and with 3 years’ battery power and automated phone call network subscription (see full technical specifications and FAQs). Pippa is quick and easy to install. It simply sticks to the wall, tiling or splashback above your oven.

Pippa is a fire safety device and much more...

Pippa is a groundbreaking AI cooking assistant too. Using it’s thermal imaging technology and AI, and by combining with the PIppa app, Pippa is the only kitchen device than can give you exact pan temperatures for cooking on the stove. Pippa can then guide you through recipes with temperature, timing and cooking instructions. It’s like having a Masterchef in the kitchen to help.

fire safety - the PIPPA STORY
"If we don’t improve fire safety, 1 in 10 of us will experience a house fire at some point in our lives"

Pippa began with its inventor, Dr Samuel Bailey, asking himself the question:

“What can I do to decrease the number of accidental and avoidable fires in people’s homes?”

Sam is the inventor of LeakBot, a product that is designed to reduce the risk that homes are damaged by water leaks. This lead him to look at the data on the causes of home insurance claims. The statistic that stands out is that the single most common cause of housefires is responsible for a remarkable 50% of them. This realisation was a “lightbulb” moment. By targeting this single problem, fires starting on the stove, he could immediately aim to tackle the most common cause of housefires – and substantially improve fire safety.

And that led to the question: “What technology can I create to help prevent cooking fires?” And an idea was born…

Do you have a smoke alarm? Probably.
Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm? Possibly.
Do you have a fire alarm that tells you before you are going to have a fire?

Pippa addresses the main cause of housefires, saving lives and saving property.

Pippa is a new product and only available in limited quantities at this time.  Early bird discounts of up to 30% are available now for our Kickstarter backers. Please sign up now to be given priority delivery as more Pippas become available.

Maybe you know someone who leaves the stove on, or just would like some cooking guidance. If you are interested in buying one for yourself, an elderly relative, or maybe a young person who’s living away from home and doing their own cooking for the first time, back us on Kickstarter.


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Pippa uses an intelligent temperature sensor to detect cooking risks, alterting you before a dangerous situation occurs.

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