Thank you for your interest in Pippa, the amazing new Smart Cooking Assistant. Pippa really will help keep you and your family safer from house fires.

The Covid-19 related global microchip shortage means we can only manufacture limited numbers of Pippas at this time. We are busy sourcing the components to manufacture more Pippas from across the globe. It is first come first served, and we are prioritising delivery to our Kickstarter backers. Our Kickstarter launch will start in September and we will ship more Pippas as soon as possible after that. 

Please sign below up to join the waitlist. We will be in touch as soon as our Kickstarter launch is live and we will send you instructions on how to get priority delivery on your new Pippa. 

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Pippa uses an intelligent temperature sensor to detect cooking risks, alterting you before a dangerous situation occurs.

Smart Cooking App

Our app can connect your phone or tablet to Pippa over Bluetooth to help you cook your favourite recipes

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