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AI Cooking Assistant

AI Cooking - Thank you for cooking with Pippa

Let the pan get too cold and the food is soggy – too hot and it gets burnt. Now’s there’s an app for that!

Pippa displays the temperature of all your pans, telling you when they are the right temperature for each cooking type – shallow fry, saute, sear, deep fry, poach… 

Simply select the pan and the cooking type and Pippa will guide you to the best temperature, stop your food from catching, and time it automatically.

If you have chosen one of our recipes the app then guides you with spoken cooking instructions – getting you to you bring your pans and food to optimum temperatures and timing it all too. 

1) Download the free app
2) Open the "Recipes" tab
AI Cooking Recipes with Pippa
3) Select a Recipe
AI Cooking Recipe Suggestions
4) Select "Cook Using The Pippa App"
AI Cooking Guidance
5) Pippa will now speak, guiding you through the recipe instructions step by step.

Pippa will time everything and help you to set the right temperatures.

Pippa gives spoken instructions and with your phone/tab/ipad you’ll be able to see information displayed throughout.

Once your food is cooked Pippa will let you know it’s ready to eat.

Safe Cooking

Pippa will keep an eye on your stove temperatures during and after cooking. If the stove is too high, the food is likely to burn, or Pippa detects a fire risk, Pippa will warn you.

Pippa will even check you’ve turned the stove off when you’ve finished.

Whether you are new to cooking and need some guidance, or an experienced chef who wants to perfect that dish, Pippa is an engaging AI aid to help you cook.

Cooking has always involved a bit of estimation – guessing at the heat settings and assuming when things are ready. ‘Cook on a high heat until soft’ might mean something to an experienced cook, but for a lot of people that’s a hard, food-ruining and potentially dangerous request. But with Pippa’s AI it’s easy. Pippa tells you when the pan is at the right temperature, when to add or turn over your food, and when it is ready to serve.

Pippa can guide you to the ideal pan temperature for those beautifully soft poached eggs or medium rare steaks, and automatically times them to perfection. Perfect pancakes need to be browned at 190C (or 370F), perfect poached eggs need 4 mins exactly – at 85C, a perfectly seared steak shouldn’t be added to the pan until the pan reaches 230C. 

No More Burnt Food.

Some dishes need careful cooking – just the right time at just the right temperature, otherwise the meat is tough or the batter is soggy.

The Pippa website has recipes that can be opened in your Pippa app. Choose one of these and see how much easier it is to cook without the guesswork.

To choose a recipe open the app and select the “Recipes” option. 

You will find instructions to prepare the ingredients, then when you are ready, select “Cook using the Pippa app”.

Pippa will then tell you whether your pan is at the right temperature, when it is time to add the food, to turn it over or stir it, if it’s going to burn, and of course when it is cooked and ready to eat!

We are adding new recipes all the time. We’d recommend that you try a few, so that you can learn how the system works and how easy it is to follow along.

AI Cooking Mulled Wine Recipe
AI Cooking Poached Eggs Recipe
AI Cooking Scallops Recipe
AI Cooking Steak Recipe
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Add Your Recipes with our Recipe Builder & Join the Forum - Coming Soon!

Using our in-app Recipe Builder you will be able to create your own recipes – and be able to repeat each cooking step precisely having saved them. And if you have some favourite recipes or create a masterpiece with Pippa – please let us know! You can choose to share them with the rest of the Pippa community by submitting them to us or adding them to the forthcoming Pippa Facebook page group & forum. Please share your recipes and photos on social media using #cookwithpippa.

Pippa is an ai cooking assistant and much more...
Fire Safety & Fire Prevention

Pippa protects you and your home. With Pippa installed your home is a safer place. Pippa is also the most effective fire prevention device you can install. Half of all housefires start on the stove. Using Pippa’s AI and temperature sensing technology Pippa can detect fire risks and warn householders – before a fire starts.

Pippa uses an intelligent temperature sensor to detect cooking risks, alerting you before a dangerous situation occurs.
Pippa also has a Smart AI cooking assistant version that can help you cook recipes to perfection!

Smart Cooking App

Our app can connect your phone or tablet to Pippa over Bluetooth to help you cook your favourite recipes