By the time a smoke alarm starts doing it’s job, the chances are that dinner’s long gone.

And that’s not all…

The ‘Nest Protect Generation 2’ (smoke alarm) has the fastest response time in the world at 5 minutes 13 seconds. Not only is that plenty of time for your dinner to spoil, it’s more than enough time for your house to fill with carcinogenic fumes. In fact, depending on the location of such a smoke alarm, a whole kitchen could be lost before it went off.


PIPPA’s response time is 1 minute 13 seconds…

PIPPA’s proprietory thermal analysis technology can identify a pan that’s boiled dry, 4 whole minutes before it starts smoking


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I was cooking the the grandchildren’s dinner. I’d put the vegetables onto boil and sat down to rest my feet. I must have drifted off. Suddenly I was woken by Pippa telling me my pan had boiled dry. Indeed, it had literally just boiled dry. Amazing! The food was still fine. It didn’t even burn the pan. And to think I could have set the house on fire with my grandchildren playing upstairs. Thank you Pippa!

Linda ALinda A(BETA Tester) – London

My husband leaves the gas on once a fortnight near enough. I put plates on the stove top once thinking it was off and they exploded. It set the chopping board on fire twice when I left it on the cooker. It was just a matter of time before one of us got a serious burn, or we had the whole house down. Now we get a nice gentle reminder from Pippa – “Warning, Stove left on”. It’s connected to my mobile phone too, so Pippa rings me now if he does it when I’m in the garden or I’ve popped to the shops

Liz BLiz B(BETA Tester) – Shropshire


Fire Prevention System


PIPPA is the world’s first kitchen-fire prevention system that doesn’t need to ‘wait for’ smoke in order to identify a hazard… It’s improved detection speed (over a smoke alarm) won’t just save your life, it’ll save your bacon!

Artificial Intelligence Cooking Assistant


Connect Pippa to your tablet or smartphone, and the Pippa app will guide you to ideal pan temperatures, and automatically time each dish. Pippa will even talk you through how to cook the trickiest meals!

Smart Notification System


People are busy; sometimes stoves get left on… If you or somone in your home does manage to leave it on, it’s no biggy, PIPPA will alert you long before you get too far away from home to do anything about it.

How much is it and where can I get one?


It’s obviously important for us as a company, that we get PIPPA out into the world to a warm reception (no pun intended). With this in mind, PIPPA’s launch edition will be released in limted numbers at a significantly lower price than our intended RRP… Significantly! 


For a full spec’ sheet, ‘early adopter’s’ price list and how you can get hold of your PIPPA prior to general release, just let us know where we can reach you.

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