Probably the best kitchen invention of the 21st Century!

It's very rare for a new invention to do two things. Pippa does. And both are groundbreaking!

Pippa is stylish, small (the size of a light switch), easy to fit (it simply sticks to the wall above your stove), easy to use, and comes already paired with the phone number you use in registration. Packed with useful (potentially life-saving) technology Pippa is a must for any kitchen.

Fire Safety

Pippa is a new, patented, household fire prevention early warning system. Pippa can predict cooking fires before they start. If a fire is going to start on your stove, Pippa speaks to you, alarms and will even ring your phone! Pippa will help to protect you, your family and your property from by far the largest cause of house fires – cooking fires. Pippa decreases your risk of a household fire by more than 40%!

This makes Pippa by far the most effective household fire prevention measure you can install.

AI Cooking Assistant

Pippa is an amazing, intelligent cooking assistant that helps to make cooking a joy! It is the only device that provides exact pan temperature information, along with timing and even verbal instructions with the Pippa app. Want to cook the perfect medium rare steak? Pippa will guide you to the ideal temperature and even tell you when to turn it over, and when it is cooked.

Pippa is easy to use, engaging and will help you enjoy cooking to perfection!

Kitchen fire starts on the stove
Pippa AI Cooking App Display
"Fires on the stove cause as many house fires as everything else - smoking, dodgy electrics, faulty appliances, gas leaks etc - all added together! Pippa detects stove fires - before they start!"
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“Imagine an invention that could help prevent almost half of all housefires.
We have done this with Pippa!”

Thinking of Backing us on Kickstarter? There are some great reasons.

Thank you! Backing us on Kickstarter really will make a difference. Our Pippa invention will give you peace of mind, help keep you and your family safer from household fires (there are 30,000 household fires a year in the UK. 50% of these start on the stove) and you will have an amazing gadget that you will enjoy interacting with whilst cooking your best recipes ever!

Do you have a smoke alarm? Probably.
Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm? Possibly.
Do you have a fire alarm that tells you before you are going to have a fire? Unlikely. But now you can!

By backing us we will be able to upscale to volume manufacturing. We hope that by increasing the use of Pippa we will ultimately prevent a huge number of fires, and the damage, trauma, injuries and deaths that they cause. You may know someone who leaves the stove on, who is easily distracted, maybe simply has a glass or two too many whilst cooking, or are getting more forgetful – getting them a Pippa may save their life. As we get older it gets worse – People aged over 65 are twice as likely to have a stove fire. Pippa makes a perfect gift – and please share our Pippa site too!

30% Earlybird Discount

If you are interested in buying one for yourself, an elderly relative, or maybe your child who’s moving out for the first time or off to University/College and might just fall asleep having put some food on, please help keep them safe and back us on Kickstarter.
Our Kickstarter backers will get rewarded with priority shipments of the first Pippas at 30% less than the regular retail price.
Please feel free to read the more detailed information below – sign up or get in touch if you have any questions.
The Benefits of Installing Pippa for Householders, Landlords and Insurance Companies Include:
Household fires – the facts are frightening

There are 30,000 household fires a year in the UK. 50% of these start on the stove – and most of these would most likely never have happened with Pippa in use. (In the USA there are over 170,000 cooking fires per year, 550 deaths and $1 billion in direct property damage, and fire departments respond to an average of 470 cooking fires – per day!). And these are just the reported numbers. The true kitchen fire numbers will be higher. And this is despite advanced legal frameworks and regulation, and existing fire alarms – all designed to avoid fires. This means that, unless we improve fire safety and existing fire alarm systems, 1 in 10 of us will experience a house fire at some point.

If you have a fire alarm, maybe a carbon monoxide alarm too – and you have checked the batteries still work – then that’s a good start. But Pippa offers a level of protection beyond this for you and your home. Pippa is not a fire alarm that is triggered because there is a fire, it helps to stop the fire from starting in the first place.

Pippa Prevents Fires!

Pippa began with its inventor, Dr Samuel Bailey, asking himself the question:
“What can I do to decrease the number of accidental and avoidable fires in people’s homes?”

As an engineer, inventor (Sam is the award winning inventor of Leakbot) and former actuary in the City of London, Sam knew about analysing statistics. The one that stood out was that the single most common cause of household fires was actually responsible for a remarkable 50% of them. By targeting this single problem, fires starting on the stove, he could immediately aim to tackle the most common cause of household fires – and have the most impact.

Pippa has been about 3 years in the research and development (see The Pippa Story). After a lot of prototypes and experimentation, and having employed product designers and A.I, programmers, and entirely self-funding it all, we are proud to release Pippa – an amazing little device that is designed to tackle the most common cause of deadly household fires. And does!

How Does Pippa Work?

Pippa is an amazing, new, patented invention designed to prevent avoidable fires. Pippa is not a fire alarm that is triggered because there is a fire, it helps to stop the fire from starting in the first place. If you have a fire alarm, maybe a carbon monoxide alarm too – and you have checked the batteries still work – then that’s a good start. But Pippa offers a level of protection beyond this for you and your home.

Pippa uses a thermal imaging sensor and A.I. to actively monitor your cooking area, and spots dangers several minutes before there is a risk of a fire starting: overheating oil, pans boiling dry, and stoves not being turned off properly are all major causes of house fires.

Pippa then warns you of this risk, giving you time to attend to your cooking, before it catches fire.

When Pippa spots a problem it provides an escalating series of alarms to warn of the danger and draw your attention back to the stove. Pippa speaks to you first to tell you of the danger. Often this is just a warning that your food is starting to burn, so you can simply turn the stove down before any damage is done.

If you are out of hearing range, or don’t respond, Pippa sounds an alarm.

If you still don’t respond (perhaps you have left the house), Pippa automatically calls and sends a text message to your phone, and also the phones of any friends, relatives, neighbours, carers, wardens or landlords that you choose, to warn of the danger.

In a worst-case scenario, and a fire was to break out spontaneously (e.g. a tea towel caught fire), Pippa can detect it and warn you – usually several minutes sooner than a regular smoke alarm would. When it comes to fire every second counts – Pippa gives you and your family that extra time to get out safely.

Intelligent Cooking Assistant - A.I. Cooking is here!

Pippa  is also an A.I. cooking assistant that guides you to exact pan temperatures and automatically times your cooking to perfection.

Pippa’s thermal sensor combines with the free Pippa app to provide you with exact temperature information along with cooking instructions that will help to make you a masterchef! Or maybe help you to cook the perfect steak, or poached eggs – or any recipe where judging the pan temperature and timing is essential to getting it just right.

Whether you are new to cooking and need help to build your confidence while Pippa checks you are cooking safely, a bit of a whiz in the kitchen, or you’re even an accomplished chef who wants to perfect those trickier dishes, Pippa can give you accurate cooking information like nothing else can!

Using the Pippa app in an engaging and enjoyable cooking experience. Simply open the app on your phone, tablet or ipad next to your stove and you’ll enjoy the amazing extra information and AI guidance to help you cook your favourite recipes. If you want to sear a steak at an exact temperature – you can with Pippa.

Cooking has always involved a bit of expert guesswork – judging the heat settings and times . ‘Cook on a high heat until soft’ might mean something to an experienced cook, but for a lot of people that’s a hard, dinner ruining and potentially dangerous request. But with Pippa’s A.I. it’s easy. Pippa tells you when the pan is at the right temperature, when to add or turn over your food, and when it is ready to serve.

Pippa can guide you to the ideal pan temperature for those beautifully soft poached eggs or medium rare steaks, and automatically times them to perfection. Perfect pancakes need to be browned at 190C (or Pippa can use 370F if you’re more familiar with Farenheit), perfect poached eggs need 4 mins exactly – at 85C, a perfectly seared steak shouldn’t be added to the pan until the pan reaches 230C. Amazingly this is possible with Pippa’s application of the thermal imaging info and the AI in the app. 

And better still – we have created example recipes that are pre-programmed in to help guide you. Hopefully you will find some favourites to try out amongst them, and we will be adding more new recipes with their exact temperatures and timings as we are able to. Using the new Recipe Builder you will be able to create your own too – so you can repeat each cooking step precisely, and you can choose to share them with the rest of the Pippa community. To choose a recipe open the app and select ‘Help Me Cook’ in the recipe page. This opens the smart cooking assistant e.g.

If you enjoy cooking, Pippa really is an enjoyable technological A.I. aid to making the perfect dish.

AI Cooking - Pippa Recipes
AI Cooking Recipes with Pippa
AI Cooking Recipe Suggestions
AI Cooking Guidance
What's in the box? Out of the box - ready to go....

Pippa arrives ready to go. Add a mobile phone when you purchase your Pippa and Pippa will already be paired and send alerts to that number (you can add and change additional numbers online later using your Pippa account) Pippa includes everything required for 3 years’ active use: automated phone call network subscription, 2x AA batteries already fitted, plus 4x additional spares for you to keep to replace. (see full technical specifications and FAQs). 

Pippa comes with a 2 year warranty.

1) Mobile Network
Pippa has a pre-paid mobile messaging subscription valid for 3 years. At the end of those 3 years you will be prompted that your subscription is about to expire – can chose to renew the phone alerts  through us – NOT GUARANTEED? WHAT IF THE 2G SIGNAL IS TURNED OFF? Alternatively – you can simply continue with the warning, alarm and AI cooking functions

Pippa’s verbal warning and alarm functionality work worldwide, and the text and phone call alert system require a 2G (with a 4G option soon) mobile network signal.

2) Batteries:
Pippa arrives with 6 x AA batteries. 2 are in your Pippa device and ready to be activated. These should last a year with normal use, and can be replaced when required – you will receive a verbal notification from Pippa that the batteries are low when it detects you are cooking. Simply replace the batteries with 2 from the box. In total the 6 batteries should last 3 years.  We have used AA batteries as they are the world’s most widely available battery. You can also use rechargeable AA batteries.

Installation instructions are enclosed – Pippa is quick and easy to install. It simply sticks to the wall, tiling or splashback above your oven without requiring tools.

Now simply download the Pippa app from the app stores and this will prompt you through the simple set-up stages.

Pippa: The app

Simply download the free Pippa app from the app stores – search “MyPippa”.

The app will prompt simple instructions to pair your phone and Pippa. (Pippa can also be used without the app).

Our app can connect your phone, tablet or ipad and communicates with Pippa via Bluetooth.

Investor Risks are Minimal. We have a proven track record...

We don’t have the usual crowd-funding risk that maybe the product will never get made. The development team behind Pippa already have a successful track record of inventing, developing, manufacturing and selling products. Sam is the inventor of LeakBot, a 100,000 unit plus selling Internet of Things leak detection system that customers can fit themselves to detect leaks in their plumbing system. He licensed it to, and brought it to market with, the major home emergency cover provider HomeServe Plc. LeakBot is available through major insurers in the UK, EU and the US, and has gone on to win several awards, including the Insurance Times IoT Breakthrough award.

Pippa Team Award Winning Invention

Developing LeakBot has given Sam and the Pippa team (Ben, Lewis, William, Jamil and Mark) the experience needed to bring a new IoT invention to market. We have done a lot of R&D and have working models already manufactured and with 20 years’ worth of active use and iterative learning. At the moment each Pippa takes 12 hours to 3D print – and backing us here will allow us change this to injection moulding.

Pippa is ready to go – it has already accrued 20 years of training data, and has been fitted in the kitchens of our staff, friends and family for the past 2 years. Your backing us will help us to upscale our business, make Pippas more available – and help to prevent avoidable fires. No Kickstarter campaign is without risk but we believe it is minimal.

Pippa is designed and manufactured in the UK.

Made in Britain Kickstarter launch
Thank You!

Thank you for considering backing us. It really will make a difference: our hope is that the Pippa invention will add to your security, that you will have an amazing gadget that you will enjoy interacting with whilst cooking, and because by backing us we will be able to move to the manufacturing stage whereby we ultimately hope to prevent a huge number of fires and the incalculable trauma and damage that they cause.

Ultimately we hope that our invention will prevent many household fires and save many lives, and decrease the trauma and cost from property damage caused by fires – that could have been prevented.

Pippa is only available in limited quantities – if you are interested in buying one for yourself, an elderly relative, or maybe a young person who has left home and is cooking for themselves for the first time, please back us on Kickstarter. Our Kickstarter backers will get rewarded with priority shipments of the first Pippas as they become available.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, sign up to find out more, or back us on Kickstarter.

Pippa uses an intelligent temperature sensor to detect cooking risks, alerting you before a dangerous situation occurs.
Pippa also has a Smart AI cooking assistant version that can help you cook recipes to perfection!

Smart Cooking App

Our app can connect your phone or tablet to Pippa over Bluetooth to help you cook your favourite recipes