Stove Fire Prevention + A.I. Cooking Assistant


Pippa fire safety & AI cooking fire alarm

It's rare for an invention to do two things. Pippa does. And both are groundbreaking.



Failing to pay attention whilst cooking, or forgetting to turn the stove off causes as many house fires as everything else added together – smoking, dodgy electrics, faulty appliances, heaters and gas leaks.

Pippa can detect stove fires before they start. Pippa can warn you to stop you burning your food, tell you if you’ve left the stove on, or the pan has boiled dry, and most importantly warn you before a fire starts.

If there is a hazard while you are cooking, Pippa will alert you gently with a spoken warning. If you don’t attend to the warning, Pippa will sound an alarm, and text or ring your phone, and tell you that you’ve left the stove on or your pan is boiling dry!

Pippa will protect you, your loved ones and your property.



Enjoy cooking to perfection with the Pippa smartphone app. Pippa is a revolutionary interactive AI cooking assistant.

Want to cook the perfect medium rare steak? Beautiful golden pancakes every time? Perfectly soft poached eggs? Or how about salmon sous vide and other recipes?

Connect Pippa to your tablet or smartphone, and the Pippa app will guide you to the ideal pan temperature, and automatically time each dish. Pippa will talk you through how to cook tricky meals with the built in recipe guidance.

Pippa will guide you to the ideal pan setting and help you by speaking to you – when the pan is at the right temperature to add the food, when to turn over a steak to get it medium rare, when to turn the heat up or down, and when your food is ready.

Cook to perfection every time with Pippa.


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Maybe you know someone who leaves the stove on, or just would like some cooking guidance. If you are interested in buying one for yourself, an elderly relative, or maybe a young person who’s living away from home and doing their own cooking for the first time, back us on Kickstarter.


Designed and manufactured in the UK by the award winning team behind the 100,000+ selling

Pippa Team Award Winning Invention
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Pippa uses an intelligent temperature sensor to detect cooking risks, alerting you before a dangerous situation occurs.
Pippa also has a Smart AI cooking assistant version that can help you cook recipes to perfection!

Smart Cooking App

Our app can connect your phone or tablet to Pippa over Bluetooth to help you cook your favourite recipes